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Classics & newcomers from Spain (6 bottle wine set)

Fantastic Spanish selection for wine explorers!

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Classics & newcomers from Spain (6 bottle wine set)
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Wines from Spain have been a fixture in German wine cellars for ages. However, in addition to the great classics there are still exciting new discoveries to make Spain's numerous growing regions offer a fantastic range of excellent wines, in no other country do you find more than 600 different grape varieties.

For our wine set we have put together a selection of the best and most acclaimed wines currently to be found in Spain. Discover Classics & newcomers from Spain - fabulous traditional wines and little-known treasures from different regions that undoubtedly have the potential to become classics.

The makers behind this impressive line of wines owe their success not only to their in-depth knowledge and hard work, but also to their willingness to break new ground, e.g. to rely on rare, local grape varieties or to use unusual production methods. A new generation of Spanish winemakers are very innovative and are rewarded with remarkable awards. Embark on a delicious wine discovery tour through Spain!

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